Mostro & Rose (mo/ro) is a digital design studio, crafting beautiful experiences, products & brands with a rosy desire to understand, explore and improve your needs.

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Stop & smell the roses.

Stop & smell the roses.

Stop & smell the roses.

Stop & smell the roses.

Joe from Mo/Ro is always pleasant and patient on the phone with an earnest desire to understand a client's needs and help them explore areas for improvement relative to current e-commerce best practices, all the while being mindful of each client's unique resources (budgetary, manpower, etc.)

The Concepts were delivered on-time and consistent with scope of service & he was always accessible and responsive.

We worked with Joe from Mo/Ro in the very early days to design the initial version of our platform. He was a dynamic designer who could context switch between UX and Visual Design very easily, which was really helpful for an early stage company with a very small team.

Joe is communicative, collaborative, and takes initiative. Creatively, he is able to think and execute abstractly and also can design in a very systematic way.


Website Design


Brand Strategy

User journey mapping

Mobile Design

Art Direction

Concept Design

Design Systems

App Design

Visual Design



Our founder fondly calls his niece “il mostro” (the monster), she’s built for chaos and he loves every minute of it.


Our founders G-ma. All of his grandparents were fantastic but Rosie was special and definitely left this world too soon. Her and “il mostro” always had fun together.

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